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Sheriff Comprehensive Security Manager

The best way to hang tough is with the Sheriff’s full protection.

Sheriff Comprehensive Security Manager (CSM) is a program that provides a host of tools that work together to keep your network secure from cyber security threats. Sheriff provides network and host intrusion detection, asset discovery and management, vulnerability assessment, security intelligence and event management (SIEM), network and host intrusion detection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), flow and packet capture, and file integrity monitoring (FIM), as well as centralized configuration and management.

Ready to Lasso Outlaws with the Sheriff?

Sheriff Lite

A version of Sheriff without the spurs, but still with a badge and boots.

All the same features as Sheriff, only without long-term log-retention and reporting.

Sheriff Add-ons


Extends the features of Sheriff to additional sites.


Cyber traps that alert Sheriff to potentially malicious activity.


Our cloud-based management portal.

Allows customers or MSPs to securely monitor and manage their Sheriff installations.

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