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The Sheriff family of products is the lock & key solution to protecting your business from cyber threats.

We’re Your Security Huckleberry

Security needs to be affordable, effective, and efficient.

Open Source, Easy as Pie

We believe that all organizations, no matter how small, should have access to a comprehensive security solution that can adequately protect their network and achieve regulatory compliance without breaking the bank. We combine some of the best open source security tools with an easy-to-use interface that ties it all together.

With the Sheriff Comprehensive Security Manager (CSM), you can easily create an inventory of every device on your network, scan those devices for vulnerabilities, and then monitor the traffic from them on an ongoing basis to detect activity that is potentially harmful to your network.

It’s Time to Outlaw Phishing

Quickly detecting issues is critical for IT security. No matter how vigilant you are, malicious activity is bound to affect your network eventually. Whether or not you end up in the news, or worse, out of business, comes down to how quickly you can detect and correct the problem.

Sheriff CSM receives near real-time security information to quickly identify new threats as they emerge. Whether it is a phishing attack against your employees, an accidental visit to a site hosting malware, or potential ransomware, Sheriff CSM allows you to quickly identify the threat and isolate the machine before serious damage results for your network and your business.

Saddle Up Your Server

We specialize in providing software to enable small to medium-sized businesses protect their network. As part of that, we realize that most businesses in that segment have outsourced some or all of their IT functions to a managed service provider (MSP). Making small and medium-sized businesses successful means supplying effective MSPs to support them.

Give Your IT Some Gitty Up

Sheriff Cyber Security provides tools that allow an MSP to easily manage from one to hundreds of Sheriff CSM installations from a centralized location. We enable security engineers to quickly and reliably identify real threats to the networks they manage while easily tuning out false positives. Our unique value proposition allows you to triage potential incidents in seconds. With most other products it takes 15 minutes to an hour to perform the same task.

Managed service providers know that good security engineers are difficult to find and expensive to retain. Sheriff Cyber Security allows your security engineers to be more effective in less time allowing MSPs to affordably provide security services to their customers.


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