About Sheriff Cyber Security

A long long time ago in a galaxy that is our own…

A group of extra-terrestrials decided that we humans needed a way to protect our networks from potential invasion.

The aliens committed themselves to monitoring our networks to detect threats and help keep our customers safe from invaders with their impenetrable vaults. As news of the preventative capabilities of their software grew, their reach expanded to many MSPs in a variety of markets. 

Unfortunately, the aliens decided that they could no longer maintain this on their own, and provided this technology to other humans. As the original aliens began to head back home, the human corporation became a bit greedy and started adding fees; for initiation, consultation, exploration, etc.

At first, the other humans felt the fees were manageable and the services were still good, but then…. the Empire appeared.

The Empire had received notice of the success of the human corporation with the alien technology, and consequently, overtook and removed the remaining aliens. 

The human customers began to experience the harsh conditions of the Empire’s takeover… immense overhead, user un-friendly products, challenging upgrades, forced cloud services, and pushy sales people were imposed…

Lucky for you, there’s a new Sheriff in town!

We started Sheriff Cyber Security to fill the gap left by the aliens. We believe cyber security should be affordable and accessible, without unreasonable fees.

Your security data should belong to you. If you want to store it in the cloud you can, but it lives on your cloud asset, not ours. If you want your services protected in the cloud, but want to keep the data safely on your physical site, we can do that too.

Best of all, our services look a lot like the ones the aliens left behind. We made our services user-friendly, intelligent, and adaptive to you and your customers’ needs.

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